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Just4Women is a group of Canadian Independent Stylists that have a vast background in fashion and extensive expertise in styling women across our country.  We believe that every woman should have options and the means to style it their way!  We also believe that every woman, not just celebrities, should have their own personal stylist, and we have found a way to make it possible.


The careers of many of the Just4Women stylists were impacted by Covid 19 when multiple retailers closed their doors, cut staff and service from their floors, thus leaving many Canadian women unemployed for the first time in their lives. That is when Lori Bailey, President andFounder of Just4Women, saw an opportunity to bring together and empower her vast network of stylists.  Lori has over 20+ years leading Canadian and International iconic fashion retailers, including Nine West, Gap Canada, Jones New York,  Laura Canada and Sears Canada where she was the Chief Customer Experience Officer and Senior Vice President of Stores and she has brought this knowledge and experience to Just4Women.


Just4Women Group’s stylists are a group of diverse, confident, honest, candid women that have a sincere love of fostering real relationships with their clients. They have a deep knowledge and awareness of the fashion industry and trends and exude an indescribable energy that inspires and supports the women in our group. Their entrepreneurial spirit drives them to connect and bring women together in person and through virtual social media platforms that are both fun and uplifting for all.


Our mission is to teach women how to shop with purpose,by providing a platform that makes fashion options simple. We take the work out of on-line, and make it a much more informative and rewarding experience. We shop the entire country to curate the best brand collections and the items we know women will love. We are not exclusive to one brand, we curate the best brands in Canada and are selective about the social conscience of those we stand with. 


We recognize that most women are not buying clothes because they need them; in fact we all have more than enough to keep us covered. We get that.  Most women purchase fashion items to feel better about themselves andwhat better way to do that, than with a group of women who are knowledgeable about fashion and love empowering the women in their group to feel fabulous!

President & Founder, 
Just4Women Group Ltd.

Lori Bailey is a passionate sales leader with broad marketing  
and operations expertise.She is known for spearheading unique strategies proven to expand the brand audience. She served as  Chief Customer Experience Officer for Sears Canada and has held a range of executive positions at well-known fashion retailers and wholesalers throughout her career including Nine West, Gap Canada,

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Jones New York, and Laura Canada.  Lori has an  unprecedented track record  for growing revenue and profit at every company she’s worked for.  She has also been the recipient of multiple sales achievement awards from leading Canadian and international retailers.

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